The Seneca Ridge neighborhood is located in Sterling, Virginia near the eastern edge of Loudoun County. Our neighborhood consists of 182 single family homes, numerous walking/bike paths and green areas. The Seneca Ridge neighborhood has been known as one of the safest in the area. This can be attributed to our excellent residents who have shown care and consideration for their neighbors by remaining vigilant to ensure the safety of our neighborhood.

The Seneca Ridge Home Owners Association (SRHOA) has been established with the primary intention of creating a safe and friendly environment for our neighborhood and administering the by-Laws and covenants of our community.The Seneca Ridge Homeowners Association is governed by a Board of Directors (BoD). Members of the board are residents who have been elected to these positions and serve voluntarily.

The BoD for the SRHOA holds open meetings at 7:00 PM on the second Wednesday of every month at Cascades Library. All residents are encouraged to attend.

The Seneca Ridge Homeowners E-Mail Listserv- You must be a Seneca Ridge Homeowner to participate in this email list. This email list is easy to use and provides valuable information to all. If you are a Seneca Ridge homeowner the links at the top of the listserv page are of interest to you. Homeowners must join the list to participate and receive emails sent to the list by other homeowners.

Community News

Volunteers Requested – Governing Documents Review Committee

The Seneca Ridge HOA has formed a working committee to review our governing documents, which date back to the inception of our community 30 years ago. The HOA Board has identified a few areas within our Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions that need updating and/or revising so that they can better serve our community and would appreciate the assistance of our homeowners in this review process.

The first meeting of the Governing Documents Review Committee is scheduled for Tuesday, March 25th at 7PM. If you have a few hours a month for the next few months to volunteer on this project please contact one of the following board members by March 25th. (Please note you must be a Seneca Ridge homeowner to participate.)

Vicki Rundquist:, (703) 444-2134

Steve Honard:, (703) 282-3423.